Luxury hand-crafted furniture

March 2015

FBC London will be exhibiting
at the Design Days Dubai Fair
15th-20th March 2015

visit for further details

FBC London Wallpaper* Handmade
collaboration with Alexander McQueen

now on display at FBC London, 66 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8LS

"The idea for the valet came from a couple of sources.
Firstly, a journalist had asked me if I had ever designed a valet as she wanted to write an article.
Secondly, a client asked us to source one.
The options available were very limited... "

"So this opportunity with Wallpaper* Magazine for handmade was a perfect opportunity to design one that would be really special."

"I wanted to design a product that was practical and beautiful not only in design, but materiality also.
By including the 2 x USB charging ports it makes the piece very current in terms of technology.
A tray for all a man’s accessories, a pull out tie and belt holder, a shoe horn and foot stand makes it incredibly practical. "

"Collaborating with Alexander McQueen has provided a very sculptural , fashion edge to the piece.
I also wanted to utilise a range of materials and different manufacturing techniques.
I like to mix very traditional methods, like bronze casting along with laser engraving for the detail pattern on the brass."

"The inspiration for the strong sculptural shape of the stand is taken from a table base in my furniture range, which was by segments of machinery.
I wanted to use a mix of materials, each chosen for its uniqueness in appearance, colour and texture.
This chosen palette of materials provides a rich mix of all these elements."